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The Davie Sales System

Over the last 50 years, since condominium apartments first appeared in Toronto, there has been an evolution in the way that new homes and condominiums are sold.

Today there are two specialty niches in residential pre-construction Real Estate. They are the Brokerages that specialize in listing and marketing new low and high-rise Developments and the cooperating Agents who support the sales by marketing directly to, and working with, the Purchasers.

There are very few cities in North America that are able to sell as many new homes and condos as GTA Developers due, in large part, to the sophisticated sales and marketing systems used by these two groups of Brokers.

Knowing how and when to leverage relationships with top selling, pre-construction, cooperating Agents in different target markets is vital to the success of GTA new home and condominium sales in this competitive market.

Utilizing sophisticated sales systems that have been developed through years of experience working with the GTAs leading Developers, the Davie Real Estate team executes the sale of communities by applying different strategies that address the current market conditions, and the unique target market of each project.

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