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About Us

Mission Statement

Pre-construction Real Estate Sales overlap with: 
marketing; media relations; legal document preparation; and building, unit, and amenity design.

The Davie Real Estate team brings a wealth of knowledge in these areas that has been earned through decades of experience successfully collaborating with Toronto's top consultants.

Applying the aggregate of this knowledge with a holistic approach, The Davie Real Estate team has the ability to position your project to sell quickly and efficiently.

Utilizing sophisticated sales systems, The Davie Real Estate team executes the sale of communities by applying different strategies that address the current market condition, and the unique target market of each project.

A higher velocity of sales supports more strategic price increases.

The goal is always to maximize selling prices and minimize expenses through efficiency and innovation. The focus is always on profits.


The Davie Advantage

The Davie Real Estate team will work with consultants to revolutionize the way new homes and condos are designed, marketed, financed, and sold.

  • Providing new architectural solutions to address scarcity and the lack of affordability in today’s market

  • Devising cheaper and more powerful methods to connect with the target market

  • Introducing sales strategies that make the Developer more profit and benefit the Purchaser at the same time.

  • Revealing a future method of financing

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